These are some pictures of a wine cellar I got to help with. It was a lot of fun learning about “keeping wine until it’s time”. We built this in a basement and it was super insulated with a closed cell foam insulation, in walls and ceiling. Then we installed its own heating/cooling and humidity control. The accenting stone walls and floor with the rough sawn recycled barn wood on the low ceiling. Really gives the authentic feeling of a cellar. Once the diagonal wine supports and the cabinets were installed it looked great.

I was amazed at how many people were involved with wine as I would tell people about the cool wine cellar that I was helping build. I found that people who enjoy wine know a lot about the process of making wine. Some were involved with making wine to a small degree and several wished they were. But all of them knew a lot about the making and keeping of wine. Thanks to all of them for their help.